Esperanza’s Box of Saints

A magical, humorous, and passion-filled odyssey about a beautiful young widow’s search for her missing child — a mission that takes her from a humble Mexican village to the rowdy brothels of Tijuana and a rarely seen side of Los Angeles. Rescued from turmoil by her favorite saint, Esperanza embarks on a journey that tests her faith, teaches her the ways of the world, and transforms her from a fervently religious innocent to an independent, sexual, and passionately devout woman.

González & Daughter Trucking Co.

Serving a sentence in a Mexican prison, Libertad González finds a way to confess her crime to her fellow inmates with the weekly Library Club, reading from whatever books she can find in the prison’s meager supply. The story that emerges, though, has nothing to do with the words printed on the pages. She tells of a former literature professor and fugitive of the Mexican government who reinvents himself as a trucker in the United States raising a baby girl on the run.